Patients - We want to hear from you!


Together First are hoping to launch a Patient Engagement Group (PEG) and are requesting for your involvement. For those of you who may not be familiar with the role of the PEG, these are now becoming very popular as they provide valuable feedback on how services are doing. They help identify and prioritise areas for improvement, however, they do not get involved with individual grievances.


In an ideal scenario patients on the PEG would be as close to a fair representative of the patient population as possible so that all patients have their needs and opinions considered. In some cases, PEGs take the format of nominating a Chairperson and Secretary to Chair the meeting and record minutes. In other cases, PEGs chose to provide feedback virtually only via email and surveys only and therefore they don't attend meetings. As the Group is run by the patients this is your opportunity to decide how you would like it to be run. 

Areas that we would particularly like feedback on is communication, to understand if we are doing this effectively.  For example, is information presented in a way that is understood by all or do patients require information presented to them in a different way, such as large print /braille etc. Additionally, patients may have impaired hearing or may not be aware of translation services available to them.  

It is also important that we ensure patients are aware of how data is used and that system are in place to establish and respect their preferences for sharing information with partners, family members and/or carers.

If you want to get involved and share your views, click on the email address below and leave us your contact details and we will get in touch :